How to register as a trader and / or investor?

In your account, when you open a new account, you choose to open an account a trader or investor. The draft bill can be used as a trader's account, the developer of the transaction which will be displayed in the ranking, or as the investor, who can copy trades of traders at his own expense.

Can I open an account in different base currency than USD?

Yes. You can choose between the EUR, CHF, RUR, GOLD, JPY, GBP, CAD, AUD.

How fast can I get access to my account?

The account will be activated automatically within a few seconds, if the login and password brokerage account.

What is the "spread" and why do all my trades start off with negative pips?

The concept spread in the foreign exchange market Forex refers to the difference between the purchase price and the sale price of currencies at any given point in time. So, if the spread is 5, then the position will be opened with the value of -5 point.

What is the point?

Point – this is the minimum possible price change of the exchange rate. For example, the currency pair GBP / USD quote change from 1.4840 to 1.4841 tells us that the price was 1 point. The fifth decimal place, in the case of a broker such quotations is 0.1 point

What is a lot?

Lot – is the amount of the transaction. Labcapital on a standard lot is 100,000 units of the base currency, 100 ounces of gold, 5,000 ounces of silver and 1,000 barrels nefti.Standartny lot from your chosen broker and lot for labcapital may vary. Minimum lot depends on the broker and is 0.01 - 0.1.

In order to work in the system can be connected to your account or need to open a new one?

You must open a new account with any of the brokers in the ranking, a link sent to an account at the stage of registration in a private office site.

How many traders and investor accounts can you have?

- At the moment the number of accounts is not limited. It is important to remember that the system skips the account with a deposit of $500

Can I connect my investor due to its trader?

-Yes, you can.

As the pending orders will be executed if the accounts or brokers investor and trader is different, because the quotes can be different?

Pending orders will not be placed on the account of the investor. At the time of the execution of a pending order, as well as of Stop Loss and Take Profit on account of trader, the investor will be up market implementation of these orders. In order to avoid a significant difference in the execution of warrants the investor's account with the execution of orders on account of trader account, we recommend using the same broker through whom the trader works.

Can the investor to close the transaction itself derived from the trader?

Yes, maybe, using the trading platform.

At what point does the trader to charge commission for its subscribers?

Charge the commission automatically after closing orders at Trader subscribers.

I closed the deal, but the fees from subscribers and has not been assessed. The reason?

Perhaps the investor opened a brokerage account with a minimum limitation of the number of items in the transaction. For example, if the limit is 5 items, the commission will be charged only on transactions closed in at least + /- 5point.

How many traders at the same time I can connect to my account?

Number of connected traders are unlimited.

What is the size of the deposit must have in order to become an investor/trader in Labcapital?

The minimum account size for a Labcapital - $500. You can try a demo account, open it in your account.

What are the guarantees for safety deposit may give the company?

Labcapital is not a brokerage firm, the Fund does not receive money for bills and therefore does not have access to customer deposits. Responsibility for the safety of customer deposits lie on the broker with whom a contract of brokerage services.

What is the difference copy trades from asset management (PAMM)?

The investor does not pay the trader for copying trades on your account.
- No one other than the investor does not have access to his account, the investor at any moment can close all the deals trader, as well as to carry out any operations with your account when it is convenient.
- The trader receives a fee from each transaction, and does not depend on how successfully closed its trading interval, and therefore will not adjust the results of their bids under his reward.
- Large platform functionality Labcapital than any PAMM system, a large number of useful statistics, and ways of copying (proportional lot, fixed, etc.)

What is capital reserve?

Capital reserve - is that part of the funds, which the investor is willing to risk in the event of a failed trade trader. If you exceed the reserve drawdown, the system automatically closes the order at the first possible price, preventing further loss. Each investor makes independent decisions regarding the risks. If you do not restrict the provision of capital for the connected trader - a subscriber risks all his deposit. If you limit the amount of the reserve is less than the drawdown trader in the past, the account can be disabled from the trader is not in the best moment.

What is Strategy?

Strategy – algorithm Trader trading in your account, which can copy any investor. In fact - it is the trader's account, which are traded.

Why can not I copy a transaction connected trader?

Most likely, it was a deal that was not in the market for more than 10 seconds. Labcapital not guarantee 100% up "fast" transactions, due to the difference in the execution of orders from different brokers.

Can I use the same account as a trader and as an investor?

No, in order to prevent incorrect operation of the account can not use the same account as a trader and investor. You can always open a second account with a broker you liked using a rating chart on site.

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