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For whom our portal is intended?

For whom our portal is intended?
1. Сopying
successful traders;
1. Bonuses for the transactions copied by followers;
2. Rebate 65%
3. Involvement of investors;
4. Public or private monitoring of the account.
5. Ability to establish a fee for copying

Free service

Free service
1. Without markup
2. Without comissions
3. No cancellation of the profits
"Before Labcapital, copy services took from me a commission of up to 3 points on each of my trades! This means that now I save up to 30 dollars for each lot! Free service - it`s very profitable. Thank you! "
user, Tom Lamberts
"PAMM-system write off 30-50% of my income on fee trader. In this case, all the risks I am, as an investor. In Labcapital I like that I get all the profit, and I do not need her to share with anyone."
user, J. Anderson

Cash bonus traders

Cash bonus traders
1. Reward for their own deals
2. Reward for copying your transactions subscribers
3. Immediate charge up to $ 30 for the lot
4. Ability to establish a fee for copying
Table awards
"Trading in both a plus and get paid for it yet, and the prize – it`s a great idea! The first time I saw that in the copy of my trades investors pay me right away, with regardless of the outcome of each transaction."
trader, A. Béranger
"Before, I did not add his own expense for social trading, because I did not have the motivation - for a subscription to my account of other users, I did not receive anything, or do not get much and too harsh. In this company, I can show everyone what I can do as a trader and get a fair fee"
trader, L.Cagnotto
"Labcapital allows me to get a premium for control up my demo account. A successful trader is not obliged to have a huge real deposit. The main thing - to be a good trader, and have a successful strategy. This is the right approach."
trader, K. Rudakov

The uniqueness of the rating system

The uniqueness of the rating system
1. Fully transparent rating
2. Important and useful statistics on the accounts of traders
3. Charts, history of transactions, as well as online transactions
See ratings Traders
"There is a lot of quality indicators by which we can estimate the trader. You can learn his trade deep before beginning to copy his trades. Rank is open and can be seen thereby changing the position of each trader."
user, Mark Balboa


1. No need to install software
2. Transactions are automatically copied
3. The set of simple copy settings
"Was surprised when I realized that copying does not need to put any programs on your computer. Everything is fully automatic. Activated the account and immediately began to copy."
user, Huk Lee
"Repeat exactly the trading signals by hand – it is practically impossible. So the end result will be very different from the source. Full automation of copying Labcapital solves all of these problems"
user, N. Killen
"Before I started using this resource, I thought that trading robots – the best solution for automated trading. But then I realized that they need to constantly adjust and improve, test ... In addition, always worried about the Internet connection "
user, S. Skytulin

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Impartial broker rating allows you to select the best trading conditions, read reviews by real owners of accounts and post their scores to your broker.

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